ARPA Decorative Laminates:  Arpa, an Italian company with an international presence, manufactures high-pressure laminates with an emphasis on “design impact”.  Arpa incorporates a variety of iridescent pigments in the majority of its designs, providing an aesthetic value unmatched within domestic laminate lines.  The new ARPA FOR YOU” is a stock collection of (311) HPL patterns with a faster delivery program.  As with all ARPA, it offers a wide range of colors, decors and finishes, always ready for your inspiration, imagination and creativity, while providing “value” to your project.

CHEMETAL Decorative Metal Laminates:  With almost (200) items to select from, Chemetal is your complete source for decorative high-pressure metallic laminate finishes and metal laminate designs.  Chemetal is available in a wide range of colors, styles and sizes, based on the various collections.  The unique patterns are an ideal starting point for your visual concepts, bringing energy, light and depth to your design.  New for 2011, are the magnetic and dry wipe laminates available in several colors.  Chemetal laminates are ideal for use in corporate, hospitality, gaming, entertainment, interior design, set design, retail, signage, display, cruise and furniture industries.

ATI / Advanced Technology, Inc.:   
Numetal is a collection of high-pressure laminates with a real metal surface and phenolic backing, featuring embossing, hand painting techniques, etching, and other innovative processes to enhance the look of metals.
MirroFlex is a decorative thermoplastic available in sheet and roll form.
MirroFlex Structures are decorative thermoplastic sheets that are 3-dimensioned using a proprietary process.  Available in multiple sizes, they are suitable for walls, wainscoting, ceilings, backsplashes, display fixtures, furniture, and many other interior design applications where a dramatic effect is desired.  A revolutionary new scratch resistant protective shield called TuffCote, is also available on most MirroFlex and MirroFlex Structures finishes.

FusionTech is a proprietary coating, digital printing and sublimation technology that is applied to Aluminum, as well as other substrates such as Glass, FRP, Ceramics, Wood, and Fabric, to create unusual effects.

FusionSwirl is a magnificent new aluminum product that makes a bold statement in any application. With its multi-color vibrancy and unique swirled effect, it plays beautifully with light and position. It can be used as wall panels or as a stunning decorative accent. Choose from standard finishes or submit your own for a completely custom look.

VERITAS:  Transluctent Veritas ResinArt panels inspire designers and architects to create beyond the expected.  The sustainable, nature-inspired resin panels help you tell vivid, unforgettable design stories without saying a word.  Create stunning partitions, doors, wall features, ceiling features and more, bathing spaces in light and color.  Veritas ResinArt panels provide a whole new language for communicating in spaces, tranforming it in ways never before imagined.

TREEFROG Veneer:  A pre-finished veneer, TreeFrog showcases the rich, soothing and timeless beauty of real wood.  It’s not printed, it’s not plastic:  it’s real.  What you see is what you get; a consistently beautiful sheet of real wood that applies as easily as a laminate.  Because it’s HPL backed, TreeFrog is easy to fabricate.  TreeFrog’s innovative process uses more commonly occurring and faster growing tree species, like poplar, to create the look, feel and warmth of exotic and oftentimes endangered tree species, without having to harvest threatened or old growth species.  Additionally, water-based dyes that do not include heavy metals are used in the production process.  There are many choices for vertical and light duty horizontal applications.  Select patterns are also available unfinished on a 10 mil backer.

A prefinished natural veneer with a durable finish, Oberflex is available in a wide range of species, tints and finishes. This product has many performance characteristics similar to those of high-pressure laminates but with the beauty of real wood.  Built on quality, le systeme bois (the wood system) offers high-performance, aesthetic and acoustic solutions.  The “Textured Wood” collection features heavy textures in a warm color pallet.  The result: striking shadows and color contrasts with very natural nuances.  The “Chic and Pop” collection introduces vibrant overlays in classic colors to existing species.  Oberflex is ideal for applications requiring a durable wood finish:  hospitality, retail fixtures, health care, gaming , elevator cabs, doors, casework and millwork. 
OBERSOUND 5.5 is a collection of acoustic perforated panels that cover the architectural structure.  Perforations suggest skin, textiles, vegetation and even sound waves.  The acoustic panel becomes a decorative component in its own right.  Beyond its technical qualities, it finds a new graphic identity that enriches the environment in which it is used.

BROOKSIDE Veneers:  Well known for its commitment to quality, Brookside is respected for its responsible approach to harvesting and processing wood products.  Their composite veneers are crafted exclusively of woods from managed forests.  Brookline paperback (unfinished) veneers are bonded through heat and pressure, and the backed veneers are stress-relieved, sanded and trimmed.  The resulting product is an extremely flexible veneer that is ideal for laminating to curved or flat surfaces.  Braewood (prefinished) veneer is finished with a specially designed matte polyurethane coating.  The process yields a durable, transparent coating which is resistant to water and heat.  Each sheet is also post-formable.  Both the Brookline and Braewood veneers simulate exotic and domestic species at a competitive price.

KERFKORE:  Kerfkore Company is the manufacturer of a revolutionary new line of patented bendable substrates and lightweight panels that will change the way you feel about radius applications.  Products include: Kerfkore, Kerfkore-Green, Timberflex, Flexboard, FlexGreen, econoKORE, Foamkore, Foamkore FR, Foamkore-Green, Kerfed Foamkore-Green, Painted Foamkore, and Oversized Foamkore Panels.  No matter what type of curve you are trying to achieve, Kerfkore has a product that will provide quicker results that are more accurate and easier than traditional bending methods.

PARKWOOD CHICAGO Veneers and Panel Program:
  Domestic and exotic veneers are available and include 10 mil, 20 mil, Allwood, Durabull, and Phenolic backers.  Custom veneer panels of your design and edgebanding compliment our extensive veneer offerings.

       Parkwood also offers wood veneer cylinders, curved plywood and MDF components, and more.

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