Chemetal Laminates:  Your complete source for decorative high-pressure metallic laminate finishes and metal laminate designs. Chemetal is available in a wide range of colors, styles and sizes, based on the various collections. The unique patterns are an ideal starting point for your visual concepts, bringing energy, light and depth to your design. Magnetic and dry erase laminates are also available.

Specified Metals:  Collections of both embossed textured metals on phenolic and high-definition digital prints infused onto aluminum.

NuMetal:  A collection of high-pressure laminates with a real metal surface and phenolic backing, featuring embossing, hand painting techniques, etching, and other innovative processes to enhance the look of metals.


Lab Design Laminates:  Artistic, innovative, creative designs enhanced by modern technology with designs you can see and feel. More than 600 patterns available, from wood grains, abstract, metallic and solid colors in an array of finishes. Newer offerings include seventeen solid color Ultra Matte "NFP" (No Finger Print) patterns as well as a new collection of "HRD" (High Resolution Digital) laminates. Transforming spaces without saying a word.

InteriorArts Laminates:   Wood grains, black and white effects, and standard designs with a new for 2020 'Fresh Data' collection of  sophisticated neutrals.

ARPA USA:  Manufactured in Italy, high-pressure laminate decors that include solid colors, as well as a range of patterns and wood grains in a variety of unique finishes. 


TREEFROG: A pre-finished veneer, TreeFrog showcases the rich, soothing and timeless beauty of real wood. Itís not printed, itís not plastic: itís real.  A consistently beautiful sheet of real wood that applies as easily as a laminate. Because itís HPL backed, TreeFrog is easy to fabricate. TreeFrogís innovative process uses more commonly occurring and faster growing tree species, like poplar, to create the look, feel and warmth of exotic and oftentimes endangered tree species, without having to harvest threatened species. Additionally, water-based dyes that do not include heavy metals are used in the production process.  Designed for vertical and light duty horizontal applications, with matching edgebanding now available for select patterns.

BROOKSIDE: Well known for its commitment to quality, Brookside is respected for its responsible approach to harvesting and processing wood products. Their composite veneers are crafted exclusively of woods from managed forests. Brookline paperback (unfinished) veneers are bonded through heat and pressure, and the backed veneers are stress-relieved, sanded and trimmed.  Braewood (prefinished) veneer is finished with a specially designed matte polyurethane coating. The process yields a durable, transparent coating which is resistant to water and heat. Each sheet is also post-formable. Both the Brookline and Braewood veneers simulate exotic and domestic species.


MirroFlex Structures:  Decorative, 3-dimensional thermoplastic sheets, formed using a proprietary process.  Available in multiple sizes, they are suitable for walls, wainscoting, ceilings, backsplashes, display fixtures, furniture, and many other interior design applications where a dramatic effect is desired.


Kerfkore:  A line of patented bendable substrates for radius applications, Kerfkore's flexible and lightweight solutions provide accurate and predictable results with less expense and labor.  Kerfkore completes contour projects up to 70% faster, and reduces panel weight up to 80%.  And no special tools, materials or installation steps are required.

TorZo Surfaces:  TorZo is a completely unique and exceptionally durable architectural surface, sutainably sourced and manufactured from recycled or salvage architectural, textile, and forestry products.  Through a proprietary process, Torzo amplifies the beauty of each organic substrate to create solid surface panels that are easy to use, fabricate, and long-wearing as stone.

Natural Veneers: Domestic and exotic natural veneers, both stocked and available by Special Order, available in a variety of backers including 10 mil, 20 mil, Allwood, and Durabull.

Custom Panel Layup: A specialty panel program, based on your design, for the layup of metal, laminate and veneer sheets on standard and/or custom cores.

Parkwood Chicago also offers labor-saving wood veneer cylinders, curved plywood, and MDF components.

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